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This page is dedicated to educators around the world who use Greg Fishman Jazz Studios publications as a key part of their teaching curriculum. Thank you for using my books with your students. It is my honor to provide you with the highest quality materials available for the study of jazz improvisation.
Monica Shriver
Phoenix, AZ
Alastair Ingram
Forestville, CA
cell: 707.228.9645
home : 707.887.9270
Jay Mason
N. Orange Cty., CA
(714) 357-2991
Javier Ramirez
Sacramento, CA
(305) 978-3797
The Stemen School
Agoura Hills, CA
Kenyon Brenner
Greeley, CO
Mark Colby
Chicago, IL
Bruce Abbott
Cape Cod, MA
Perry Conticchio
Bethesda, MD
(301) 493-0055
Michael Walk
Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN
Christopher Braig
St. Louis, MO – Webster University
phone: 314.910.3825
Jimmy Haag
Las Vegas, NV
Jimmy’s Music
phone: 702 876-0734
Alisha Pattillo
Houston TX
(713) 201-0248
Dan Forshaw
United Kingdom
+44(0)7968 528929