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Module 27

LESSON 1: Double-time Passage from Ravenswood Avenue
In this video lesson, you’ll observe me working with my Skype student Ritchie Graham (in Scotland). Over the years, many students have struggled with this double-time passage that I composed for my etude “Ravenswood Avenue.”
I share some unique practice techniques for gaining control over this tricky passage. Rather than just playing the phrase myself, I felt that it would be very instructive for our group members to observe how quickly Ritchie improves his command of the phrase by simply following my unique practice approach. Includes PDF of the phrase in Bb, Eb and C.

LESSON 2: Confirmation Changes / Hyde Park Blvd w/Aebersold
In this video lesson, I’ll show you how to nail the changes on Confirmation through good voice-leading, demonstrated in my contrafact for Confirmation, titled “Hyde Park Boulevard.”

This video includes me playing along with the fantastic Jamey Aebersold Volume 6 “All Bird” featuring Kenny Barron, Ron Carter and Ben Riley. I also play an improvised solo, demonstrating what I call “first gear,” which is a very melodic way of navigating the changes.
The lesson includes a full PDF transcription of my improvised solo, as well as written out voice-leading lines over the chords for the A section of Confirmation. PDFs are for C, Bb, and Eb instruments. Intermediate and Advanced level.

LESSON 3: Lifting Weights – The Importance of Daily Practice
In this video, I read the first chapter of my book, “The Lobster Theory.” This chapter is called “Lifting Weights,” and it’s about the importance of practicing each day.

LESSON 4: Sonny Stitt Triplets
In this video lesson, I’ll show you a very cool Sonny Stitt triplet pattern that works great over a ii mi7 / V7 progression.
Features analysis of chord tones used in the lick, as well as ear training advice on hearing the lick over the chords. Includes detailed PDF practice notes plus the lick written out in 12 keys for Bb, Eb and C instruments. Intermediate Level.

LESSON 5: Listening Recommendation: Wes Montgomery – Tequila
In this video, I discuss one of my all-time favorite albums, guitarist Wes Montgomery’s 1966 Verve album, “Tequila.”
The album features Wes on guitar plus Ron Carter on bass and Grady Tate on drums. The album features spectacular playing by the group, plus beautiful string writing by Claus Ogerman. One of my all-time favorites.

aprox 27 min