Hip Licks for Tenor Sax Vol 1 iPhone / iPad App


This is a completely redesigned version of the Hip Licks for Saxophone app. This new version works with both ipad and iphone.

New features include: automatic scrolling in landscape view, user-adjustable tempo, looping of any lick you choose and choice for three different accompaniments: with sax demo, with rhythm section only, or trading 2’s or 4’s with Greg Fishman.

Another new feature is a built-in video recorder app that will film you playing along with the app and save it as a movie in your photo album folder on your iphone or ipad.


Description – Hip Licks for Saxophone Application


Hip Licks for Saxophone is designed to help saxophonists develop fluency in the jazz language by providing mainstream jazz vocabulary (swing/bop/post-bop) that nails the changes and lays great on the horn.


Think of Hip Licks for Saxophone as a musical reference application, like a dictionary of great licks in all twelve keys, available when you need it. You can open the application to any page and just start playing.


Need something that will help you sound like a total pro while playing over the most challenging keys and chord progressions? Hip Licks for Saxophone is an indispensable resource that can immediately show

you how a professional player would approach those tough keys and chord progressions.


Custom User Interface


This application features a customized user interface that makes this application fun and easy to use. When you launch the application, you’ll see a menu window that lets you choose to read through the entire contents of Hip Licks, page by page without the play-along tracks, or to load each set of licks with the accompanying play-along track. All page turns are automatic, and synchronized with the play-along track.


To start playing a sax demo track, simply click on the saxophone icon on the lower left side of the display, and the track will immediately begin to play.


To start playing a rhythm-section-only track, simply click on the drum icon on the lower right side of the display, and the track will immediately begin to play.


Special Features of Hip Licks for Saxophone by Greg Fishman:


• 168 Hip Licks – Each lick is unique and customized for each key, based on the best timbre, register and playability on the horn. The C7 lick is different than the B7 lick, which is different than the Bb7 lick, etc.


• All fast tempo licks include both Slow Tempo and Fast Tempo Play-Along Tracks.


• Hip Licks Nail the Most Popular Chord Progressions:


– Major 7th, Dominant 7th, Dominant 7b9, Minor 7th, Minor 7b5, and Diminished 7th and Augmented 7th Chords

– ii-7 / V7 / I Major (two and four-measure phrases)

– ii-7b5 / V7b9 / i Minor (two and four-measure phrases)

– Parallel Major to Minor Progressions

– ii- ii-Maj7 / ii-7 V7 / I Maj7 (ii-7 / V7 / I Maj7 w/moving 7ths)


• Interactive Call and Response Format, perfect for ear-training and developing your musical memory. Each lick is played twice in a row on the Play-Along Tracks, so you can hear the lick and then immediately play along.


• Twelve Key Approach – Every track takes you through all twelve keys.


• Rhythm-Section-Only Tracks let you experiment with your own variations on the licks and improvise over a wide variety of harmonic settings. These tracks are also excellent backgrounds for practicing all of your chords and scales.


• Technique Builder – Use Hip Licks for Saxophone as part of your daily practice routine to dramatically increase your technical command of the saxophone.


If you have any other issues/problems with the app, please contact me at greg@gregfishmanjazzstudios.com or call 847-334-3634. All of my books and apps are 100% guaranteed!


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