I’m excited to present my latest album – New Journey
This new CD features seven original tunes written when I was on tour in Bangkok, Singapore, and Japan. Melodic, straight-ahead jazz with a cool mix of Bebop and Brazilian styles. This is an all-acoustic recording with incredible fidelity, featuring my Chicago rhythm section of Dennis Luxion (piano), Eric Hochberg (bass), and Phil Gratteau (drums). Liner notes by the acclaimed Scott Yanow.

New Journey, released in 2016, features performances of seven originals with Greg’s top-notch quartet. “Most of these tunes were written when I was on concert tours of Bangkok, Singapore, and Japan. The music is mostly straight-ahead but with some unusual chord changes and twists.”

On New Journey, Fishman teams up with his regular Chicago rhythm section. He is rightfully enthusiastic about their abilities. “Dennis Luxion is a lyrical piano player with a sensitive touch, beautiful voicings, and comping that is really interactive. Eric Hochberg sets the groove and creates what I call a “long arc” on the bass — melodic lines that frequently stretch over an entire phrase. Phil Gratteau is a fantastic drummer who is very knowledgeable in a lot of styles, always stretching the music and making it sound personal, always playing in the moment.”


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