Jazz Phrasing for Trombone Vol.1


Perfect for improving:
• Tone
• Pitch
• Phrasing
• Articulation
• Swing-feel
• Sight-reading Skills

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Rockwell Street

by Greg Fishman | Jazz Phrasing for Trombone Vol.1

Jazz Phrasing for Trombone features ten melodic pieces which are easy to play, yet convey the essence of mainstream (Swing/Bebop/Bossa) jazz vocabulary. The pieces are catchy and melodic, demonstrating the use of sequence and voice-leading to make a musical statement.

The Phrasing for Trombone book includes a play-along CD featuring trombonist Russ Phillips playing each song with a world-class rhythm section.

The CDs also include tracks featuring Greg Fishman demonstrating each song on alto saxophone, giving trumpet and trombone players the option of playing along with trumpet or alto saxophone.

In addition, there are play-along tracks featuring just the rhythm section. These tracks are great for practicing the songs, chords, scales, voice-leading lines, and soloing over the chords progressions.

These books will provide valuable insights into a melodic approach to jazz improvisation. This book is recommended for players of all levels who wish to improve their tone, articulation, phrasing, and understanding of thematic development.

– Special Features of Jazz Phrasing for Trombone:

• Suggested Use Section – Detailed instructions on a variety of ways to work with the book.
• Style & Analysis Section – Clear, concise explanations of sequence, variation, and voice-leading
• Thematic Index – Lets you compare the opening themes of all ten songs in a convenient two page “at-a-glance” format. Also includes detailed information on the opening interval of each song, as well as the harmonic context of the opening interval.


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