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Module 06

LESSON 1: Exploring the V7sus Chord
The V7sus chord is a mystery for many aspiring players. Greg breaks the chord down into simple, understandable terms, demonstrating a very clear approach to spelling the chord while providing exercises to train the ear to differentiate between a V7 and a V7sus chord. Next, Greg shares two different systems for hearing and practicing the chord with a more sophisticated sound and approach. INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED LEVEL.

LESSON 2: Use of the bis Key on the Saxophone
This is one of my most requested video lesson topics. The use of the bis key is a controversial subject among saxophonists. Some teachers have very strict rules regarding the usage of the bis key. In this video, I share my personal approach to using the bis key. Includes exercises for practicing with the bis key, do’s and don’ts about hand position, and brief discussion of proper horn setup to ensure ease of use. ALL LEVELS

LESSON 3: North Avenue – 1st Sax Part
Greg Fishman plays the 1st sax part for the duet “North Avenue” from his book, “Jazz Saxophone Duets Volume 1.” Play along with great on the first part to match pitch and style, or play the 2nd sax part to complete the duet, with Greg playing lead. Looking forward to members posting videos playing this fun duet with Greg!.

LESSSON 4: North Avenue – 2nd Sax Part
Greg Fishman plays the 2nd sax part for the duet North Avenue from his book “Jazz Saxophone Duets Volume 1.” Play this part along with Greg to match his phrasing and style, or play lead while Greg plays this second part. Looking forward to video posts of lots of members playing this fun duet!

LESSON 5: North Avenue – Saxes 1 & 2
Greg Fishman plays both parts for the duet North Avenue from his book, “Jazz Saxophone Duets Volume 1.” Listen to this video to hear how the 1st and 2nd sax parts interact with each other, sometimes trading off the lead line.

aprox 25 min